Happy she is
Under the strings
Smile with bliss
Her master commanding

Do as she’s told
She bows with respect
No move so bold
For she shall get scold

Happy she is
Under her master’s wings
That is her life
Under the strings

Everything was fine, not until the world became unfair. Once we were little kids, never having an idea of how cruel reality was. We were trapped with our own make-believe fantasy— a place where sadness was never known, storms never occur, and all was colorful and bright. We grew up thinking that we own our reality. That no one is in control but us. These were the silliness of our young selves.

As we mature, the real world’s slowly turning around us. The storms start to consume our hope. Dark clouds rise and every bit of those colors are fading, one by one, turning grey. Realization will suddenly hit us straight through our hopeless hearts— we were never in control. Murderers were always out there to hunt us, killing all our dreams. Giving us sleepless nights and days of anxiety and grief. We are controlled by our fears and emotions. Our happiness were outweighed by the anger heaving inside our chest.